Our R&D Experience

New environmental materials and solutions are under research in collaboration with the Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with the supports of government’s Innovation and Technology Funds (ITF).

We were incubated candidate of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park under the Incu Tech Programme in 2013 and now migrated to become an environmental technology company at Hong Kong Science Park.

Corporate Patents

  1. Innovation Patent (pending)
    i. A highly diffusive nano reflective coating
  2. Utility Patent
    i. A LED Flood Light (工礦燈) with high reflective diffusive coating
    ii. A LED Highways Light (路燈)with high reflective diffusive coating
    iii. A LED Wall Washer Light (洗牆燈)with high reflective diffusive coating
    iv. A LED Light Tube (日光燈管)with high diffusive reflective coating