Our Research & Development (R&D) Experience

We continuously develop green technologies to enable low carbon economy. Here are some selected examples:

Smart Carbon and Energy Solution - SMART 610

We develop a solution to enable smart carbon and energy auditing. Carbon economy enablers can use the solution to swiftly assess the energy saving and carbon credit generation potential of buildings. This allows a building owner to assess not only its low carbon potential but to have a preliminary budget for carbon credit generation all through a packaged solution. Its version for Hong Kong regulatory-compliant version is now available at smart610.com.

Smart Water and Energy Solution - Water-energy Nexus

We are researching a smart water and energy nexus solution to generate carbon credits based on smart water and energy management. By reducing water leakage and non-revenue water in water supply networks, energy and chemical consumption for water treatment and supply will be reduced. This reduces water and energy use and support carbon trade through carbon credit generation.

Smart Carbon Mining Solution - SMART MVR

Carbon credit generation requires measurement and verification of the actual performance of green projects. Current approaches only generate carbon credit once a year, slowing down the carbon economical cycles and potentially delaying our progress towards carbon neutrality by 2050-2060. Can we do it more effectively through real-time carbon credit generation? That's what we are achieving through SMART MVR.

We have more on-going and exciting R&D projects related to green technologies and green capital management. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.